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The fear of the unknown is the largest barrier that prevents an idea from evolving into reality.

Patch ID helps start ups and entrepreneurs to navigate through the unknowns to develop profitable products. So if you have an idea, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Patch ID is a design consultancy fronted by Hanna Petts, an industrial designer with years of commercial design experience, in both consultancy and in house teams. Hanna has a proven track record of bringing award winning design to market and thrives on working with businesses to get the most out of their product.

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Why Patch ID?

Product development.


The fear of the unknown is the largest barrier that prevents an idea evolving into reality. Let me be your guide, we can do this together. From problem defining, concept and development to design for manufacture and marketing crowd funding assets, Patch ID offers the full package.

Define and discover.

Through research and analysis of the market, we will delve into the core of your idea and clear the fog of uncertainty. We solve the nagging questions resulting in a peace of mind. With a clear product development plan that will guide you through with validation and justification on your side.

Design with purpose.

I work with clients who want a physical, sellable product. Design investment that leads to growth.


I work closely with my clients to ensure that all parties involved work to the same goal. Knowing that you are working with a company who understands your vision and is invested in the product's success is a weight of your shoulders.

Creative direction.

Being a creative by profession, I can collaborate with you and your teams to push the boundaries and that is the marketing edge your product needs to be a high flier.

Industry Knowledge.


I have worked in the industry for 8 years and have a great network of professionals who can help throughout the design process.

Patch ID offers a full range of product development services to help businesses at any stage of the design process. With in-depth knowledge of the design process, from initial strategy and research to final product development, manufacture and installation, Patch ID can mediate between product vision and final delivery.




Projects shown are for reference of Patch ID's work only. Ownership of designs belong the original creators and are credited.


let's chat.

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